Still Alive!

We are still alive and kicking....I mean alive and studying for my CPA exam, which is in exactly two weeks! Last weekend I was pretty confident, but now I'm getting more nervous and unsure of myself as the hours tick by! I really, really appreciate those of you who are keeping me in your thoughts and prayers and the thoughtful emails I have received. It does mean a lot!

With David out of town for the weekend (in L.A. at the Coachella music festival, lucky guy), I'm just planning on hanging out with the computer and my Becker Review practice exams. The weather is horrible - it took me 45 minutes to get home from work at 4:00...usually a 20 minute maximum drive in rush hour.

I think I am also determined to gain five pounds while David is away, if my grocery trip is any indication of what's to come. In an effort to not do dishes this weekend, I bought a bag of Light Ruffles, jalapeno dip, Mountain Dew and Suddenly Salad. Ahh, my favorite comfort foods!

Besides studying and gorging on junk, here's what else is on my plate for the weekend:
  • Pedicure if it's not raining. My salon is upstairs and I hate running up and down in the rain.
  • Protest property taxes online. The county says our home value increased by around $30,000, hopefully I can get them to knock about half of that off for tax purposes.
  • Pick up drycleaning, make next week's menu, and go to the grocery.
  • Brunch with some girls from my Junior League provisional group.
  • Write some more blog posts....I have something exciting coming up in the first couple weeks of May. The blog needs to get up to speed for it!

Have a fabulous weekend while I stay dry and pound tax laws into my brain!