Rise & Shine!

David and I ran in the Rise & Shine 5K this morning to benefit a great organization, the Rise School. I have not been really running since January, just a couple of miles here and there, and less than once a week. I have been doing other things at the gym like cardio class, spinning and weights. Since I've not been running regularly, my only goal was to beat my Komen 5K time (October, 29:55, ran it while I was sick & medicated).

I beat my time by more than a minute! I finished in 28:49. I know it's not super fast or anything, but I finished only 5 minutes behind the top female finisher. I'll never be a top finisher, but I do hope to eventually run a 5K in less than 25 minutes.

No photos yet since we both ran, but hopefully I can snag some from the race website soon.