Not Quite What I Expected

I was not nearly as productive as I had hoped to be today. The weather was drizzly when I got up and got around. By the time I left the house at 10:30, it was full on raining. I was at brunch until almost two, and left to trek home through standing water on streets. Fortunately our street did not flood, but I was extremely scared driving through some of the water to get here. I'm not sure what I would have done if my car had stalled or flooded! I also have no idea why people in small cars were stopping and turning around in the water! I have a big SUV and I sped through it (well, as much as one can speed through it). I even ran a couple of red lights. I just did not care - the intersections had the most water and I did not want to risk flooding my engine with David out of town while wearing white pants and peep-toe stilettos and no umbrella!

I did leave the house in the rain to buy some dog treats and new toys. If I felt like I was going stir crazy, I can only imagine what it must feel like to be cooped up in only three rooms (don't want to dirty up the floors and rug!) with no internet to read!

Hopefully it will stay dry tomorrow so I can venture out to run errands. I still need to go to CVS, the drycleaner (I hope they are open on Sundays or else David won't have any pants to wear!), the grocery, Central Market for bathroom hand soap, Williams-Sonoma for kitchen hand soap, and to scout out Banana Republic's latest sale.

My brunch was fun. I really enjoyed getting to know the girls in my group a bit more. We are all excited about finding out which placements we will get. I preffed a placement at the Children's Hospital that will have me working with other Junior League members to put together little craft packets and games for children in the hospital. For my Tea Room preferences, I just listed a mish-mash of options, like working in the Pantry selling cookbooks and ready-made food, cashier, and helping out in the kitchen. I really hope I do not get stuck working kitchen duty, though. I am not really sure why I even put it on my list.

Brunch was at Ouisie's Table. You can read about it here, on Yelp. I did not go into detail about my food since it was a special and not part of the regular menu. The crab cakes were fantastic. The risotto, not so much. The texture was much nuttier and less creamy than I prefer, and although it added to the presentation, the twigs of herbs were pretty awkward to eat around. I would not order this time I'll just get straight up crab cakes!

Sunday Morning Edit: Darn, it looks like I just missed running into former President Bush and First Lady Laura! The Chronicle says they dined at Ouisies yesterday, too. They had the soft shell crab special. I did forget to mention that owner/chef Ouisie did come in to ask if the room was too warm, that makes me feel a little special!