Taxes, Taxes

I just finished up our taxes and e-filed. Fortunately, we are getting a refund this year since we have damages from Hurricane Ike that were not fully reimbursed by our insurance company. We have been wanting to replace our kitchen floor since we bought the house, but the estimate we got last month was quite a bit higher than what we expected. So we'll be using our tax refund to pay for the new floor and some other cosmetic work (wallpaper removal and painting) on the house. We also need a new roof on the garage and minor roof patches on our house, all thanks to Ike. Our insurance company's reimbursement for this work was a few thousand lower than any contractor we have been able to find, so we'll be doing this un-fun work on the house, too. I'd much rather paint or redecorate....I'd much rather show off a new rug or dining table than a brand new roof!