Shopping Trip

I left work early today for a little retail therapy. The last three weeks have been hectic and next week will only get worse since I, personally, have to give a presentation and conduct a one hour Q&A (I'm doing the answering) with our global controller. Wednesday afternoon can not be over soon enough!
This fantastic weather (85 degrees today!) had me itching for some new springtime clothes. I couldn't find any of these online to post photos, but they are all adorable. Hopefully I'll wear them soon to some fabulous event and have some photos to post!
  • white leather hobo bag
  • high-waist, wide leg seersucker pants (the seersucker print is more narrow than the typical, so they don't come across as pajamas)
  • navy short sleeve shirt with high neck to match pants
  • plain but pretty navy silk top which I can wear to work, with jeans, or out with a skirt
  • amazingly adorable knee-length wrap dress
I just got a 30% off coupon for DSW, so I am going to try to score some sandals tomorrow. Hopefully I'll have another break from studying so that David and I can go on a picnic.

Speaking of studying, D-Day for my Regulation (1/4 of the CPA exam) is scheduled for May 1. Thanks for keeping me in your prayers, I think it is helping since the studying is going pretty smoothly!