Book Review: The Nanny Diaries

I try not to read too much chic lit, but I do love to read books before watching their movie adaptations. This one has been on my Netflix queue forever, and the book version finally popped up for me to reserve on Paperback Swap.

This is a really easy and hilarious read, with one or two "you might need a dictionary for it" words. Of course, as with most chic lit books, the ending is sudden and predictable, but there were several times I actually laughed out loud while reading this book.

The fact that there are mothers out there like Mrs. X astounds me (I have met one), and I could never "raise" my child using any of the methodologies she uses. The little boy in the story has a busier activity schedule than me!

Another reason I really liked the book is because I have always, from a very young age and to this day, devoured any chance to read anything related to the New York socialite lifestyle and this book is pretty full of it. I am going to add "lavender water" to my shopping list and see what all of the fuss is about.

What's your favorite chic lit book? What should I read next?