Tag! I'm it.

Newbie New Yorker tagged me in a post a few weeks ago, and I am finally getting around to responding. I know I should be posting photos and funnies from our ski vacation, but right now that just requires too much thought! I promise to get to it, though.

Anyway, since I'm now "tagged" I have to list 10 honest things about myself and then tag a few more blogs. Kind of like a chain email, except I don't think anything particularly good or bad will happen to you if you do or do not pass it along. Since this blog is supposed to be dedicated to The Super Munns, I will list 10 honest facts about David and myself, as a couple.

  1. We met in New Orleans. Both of us were in town for a weekend of fun with friends.
  2. David did not have a cell phone when we met, so he gave me his friend's number. This led to me becoming very good friends with his friend before David and I ever talked on the phone!
  3. After dating for many months long distance (lots of driving!) we both moved to Houston to be with one another...not having any idea if our relationship would work out or not. Crazy kids!
  4. Our first "date" was an weekend of camping. I had never been camping before, but I told David I had.
  5. Our "song" is Trouble by Cat Stevens.
  6. Our wedding song was Naive Melody by The Talking Heads (but performed by a local acoustic guitarist).
  7. One of my first gifts from David was a cookbook. It has served us well.
  8. One of our first dates in Houston included eating crawfish. I believe that is the one and only time I have eaten crawfish.
  9. David had planned a surprise trip to New Orleans to celebrate our engagement. Unfortunately, the trip got ruined by Hurricane Katrina!
  10. Nothing in life is perfect...but our marriage is about as close to perfect as one can get!

Now for those blogs I am supposed to tag....I am not sure if they even participate in tags, but I will list them anyway. They are all fabulous and you should stop by to check them out! They are all on my daily "must read" list.

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