Keeping It Together

Do things ever go so well for you that you wonder if it's a fluke? Then do you start waiting for everything to just come crashing down? That's how I feel right now. Things are going so well... My CPA studying is on track (surprisingly!), I have been really keeping up with homekeeping and housewife duties (cooking every night and laundry is not overflowing) as well as my volunteering duties. I am working out for about an hour every day, and I have still made time to get together with friends for dinners and drinks. Oh, and David and I are spending fun time together - breakfast in bed and taking Oliver to the park together regularly (previously he would take Ollie while I cooked or did laundry).

I think I am so used to procrastinating and having a To-Do list a mile long, that now when I actually complete my list and have time to sit & breathe, it seems very surreal. I even started half-way cleaning out our closets this weekend, just to get something else on my list. Hopefully this is how life is supposed to be. I want to just coast right through, completing the items I must and totally enjoying every minute of life.

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