February Goals

I like to have a list of ultimate goals for the year, with mini-goals for each month so I can track my progress.

  • Organize digital photos I need to get them all onto Shutterfly.
  • Learn to use new camera I've just been having D take all the photos!
  • Keep blogging! Post Tahoe photos!
  • Get back in touch with old friends & start planning spa day with Steph and Stace for later this Spring!
  • Visit family more Mom visited in January, and I'll go visit her in March.
  • Buy a fantastic pair of shoes, like Louboutins or Manolos. I'm still shopping for them
  • Reconfigure savings accounts Done! I'll keep tracking our savings accounts each month to make sure we're putting enough into certain accounts.
  • Europe! We've officially started saving for our trip!
  • Wardrobe/style I bought quite a few new clothes, but it's been too cold to wear them! I need to plan another shopping spree later this month for some spring clothes. I've been scouting my magazines to see what new trends I want to get in on.
  • Organization/homekeeping We're keeping up with the house, but we need to get on a better schedule. January was crazy since my mom was here for 5 days and we were gone for a week.
  • Social Had a fab "Lovely Ladies" at Volcanos in January. Can't wait for Legally Blonde outing and dinner date with girls from the 'hood this month!
  • Running Run 500 miles this year! I ran a little over 50 in January.
  • Health Keep up with healthy cooking, dine out less, start taking vitamins, floss more. So far so good on these! I ate like a piggy in Tahoe, but I only gained one pound since we were out and about so much.
  • Kitchen re-do Hire contractors to install new wood floors and paint. I scheduled appointments with two contractors in January - neither of them bothered to show up. I have two more to call this month.
  • Volunteering Volunteer more and have a great attitude while doing it. I did not volunteer any in January, but I will in February. Plus, my Junior League Provisional Year is about to kick off!
  • Go to church more I'm striving for twice a month. We only made it once in January, but I started reading a little of my Bible every night. Some pretty good stuff.
  • Take CPA exam and hopefully pass it! Really...set up a study schedule and stick to it! I am cleared to take the exam, so no more excuses.
  • Beauty I have been doing great on this one! I'm exfoliating at least every other day, I got a new hair cut and I've been taking care of my teeth (whitening & flossing). Now I want to regularly start Microderm or Chemical Peels.
  • Buy more things that make me happy The Restoration Hardware towels I've been needing to complete our set arrived! I need to drop them off at the Monogram Shop. I think my February purchase will be some ridiculously expensive lingerie - Happy Valentine's Day!
  • Clean my car at least once a month. Really clean it out, not just get all of the junk and trash out of it. I did not make it to this in January. Too cold out! Maybe February will be better.

If anyone has any additional reading or links that will help me with any of these goals, please post or email them!!