Do You ebay?

I've had an ebay account since Freshman year of college, but I've never done anything more than make an occasional purchase: used textbooks, cell phone chargers, cheap Lean Dessert (when I'm on a fitness kick). One time I put a book up for sale. It sold - to someone in the UK. It was such a major hassle...I had to fill out customs paperwork before I could ship the book! The buyer ended up paying about $25 in shipping for a $5 Sophie Kinesella book. I vowed never to sell on ebay again.

One of my acquaintances, who has a small retail business and an ebay business on the side, recently told me that she is really surprised at the things she is able to sell on ebay. She gave me a couple of tips, and I did a bit more internet research, so now I feel ready to take the plunge and actually get rid of some things I have around the house that are just taking up space. Namely, I will only ship to buyers in the US!

I'm using Auctiva so that I can set up all of my auctions at my own convenience and schedule when I want them to start. It also has cute templates to make my sales stand out and seems like it will keep things organized for me overall.

So this weekend I've been busy rummaging around my closet and taking photos for items I am going to sell this week. Among my items are unopened hair and beauty products I've received as gifts, a few work skirts that no longer fit me well, and some running gear with tags still on it (NWT on ebay).

How about you buy or sell on ebay? Do you have any helpful tips?