Love Notes

While perusing the web during my morning cup of green tea, I came across the cutest stationery shop! If you know me and you live outside of Houston, you have most likely received notes on fun paper or cards at least once or twice. While I will admit that I do not get around to writing letters and cards as much as I would like to, having gorgeous paper to put them on is a big motivator for me!

I bought several boxes of notecards right before Christmas, but you can bet your Crane's paper that I will be buying from Byvik INK when I need to restock! All of the letterpressing is done by a husband and wife team, and you can buy through their website. They do make custom and personalized stationery, but I am in love with their super-reasonably priced pre-made cards.

This is an adorable idea that I should buy for all of the books I loan out and give away.

Happy shopping and have a fab weekend!