Hello 2009!

Here we are, ringing in the new at one of our favorite bars. We had a fun night, which began at our friend Liz's Pre-NYE Dinner Party. What a great idea - getting everyone filled up with great food for the fun night ahead. I fixed up a pan of Southern Grits Casserole, which everyone loved. David was a huge fan of the merlot-marinaded pork loin with horseradish sauce.
But enough about 2008 - on to my goals for 2009! I like to have a list of ultimate goals for the year, with mini-goals for each month so I can track my progress.
  • Organize digital photos and back them up on second hard drive and Shutterfly.
  • Learn to use new camera David's parents generously gave us money for a new camera, which we are buying this weekend.
  • Keep blogging! Hopefully the new camera will help me have more photos to keep everyone updated with what's going on.
  • Get back in touch with old friends from high school and college - Stephanie, Stace, and Ashley.
  • Visit family more I'm shooting for seeing my mom every other month. Since Continental cancelled the flight, I will be putting more miles on my car.
  • Buy a fantastic pair of shoes, like Louboutins or Manolos.
  • Reconfigure savings accounts Right now we have eight accounts within ING. Most of them are outdated (house downpayment, wedding gifts) but we still contribute to them via direct withdrawals. We need to organize into better categories and start saving toward new goals, like....
  • Save for trip to Europe!
  • Wardrobe/style I have stylish and fabulous clothes, but I feel like I end up wearing the same old outfits to work, or that every time I run errands I'm wearing old beat up jeans and a college or high school sweatshirt. I want to be more conscious of what I wear, even if that means getting "dressed" to run to the grocery.
  • Organization/homekeeping We have a housekeeper, but I feel like we are always in a mad dash to pick up before she arrives. I'd also like our house to be in good enough shape for impromptu get togethers. I am hoping Katie's plan will help with this goal.
  • Social Have a date with the girls for brunch or drinks at least monthly. Get together more with our neighbors.
  • Running Run 500 miles this year!
  • Health Keep up with healthy cooking, dine out less, start taking vitamins, floss more.
  • Kitchen re-do Hire contractors to install new wood floors and paint.
  • Volunteering Volunteer more and have a great attitude while doing it.
  • Go to church more I'm striving for twice a month.
  • Take CPA exam and hopefully pass it!
  • Beauty I have a knockoff version of the Clarisonic, but I never use it. Start wearing sunscreen every day. I found a stylist I love, so I need to visit her more often.
  • Buy more things that make me happy The recessionista (Iam already hating that word) in me says that spending most of my money on dining out and cocktails is not really getting the most bang for my buck. I want to start being more conscious of where I am spending and making sure that every dollar I spend truly makes me happy. Regardless if I am purchasing the fantastic shoes above or some Barefoot Contessa cookies, every purchase is going to make me smile!and hopefully pass it!
  • Clean my car at least once a month. Really clean it out, not just get all of the junk and trash out of it.

If anyone has any additional reading or links that will help me with any of these goals, please post or email them!!