Tackle It Tuesday

Now that I pretty much have the cooking part down, I am trying to become a better housekeeper. I am doing things like cleaning the bathroom sink every night, doing a load of laundry every day, and cleaning out the produce bin of the fridge more regularly. I think keeping the house a bit cleaner will free up our cleaning lady's time for those pesky tasks that we will never get around to...like cleaning the baseboards and moulding. I am taking a cue from The Hyper Housewife to establish good habits by tackling a 15-minute task every Tuesday.

Today's task isn't exactly housework, but it does relate to staying organized and getting things done, both of which are my downfall! I have ordered our Christmas cards, and they should be here in a few days. Rather than waiting until the last minute, scribbling out the addresses, and sending the cards a week before Christmas, I started with the daunting task of getting my address list together. I used The Southern Hostess ideas to get things organized.

I first used our wedding announcement address list as a starting point, and emailed people who I know have moved since then to get their new address. I jotted down the names of the friends we've made since then and asked for their addresses, too. I put all the names and addresses into Excel, which will make it simple to add new addresses to the list if, God forbid, we get a card from someone not on our original send out list - that way, we won't forget them next year!

So my first attempt at Tackle it Tuesday wasn't exactly housework related, but it does relate to homekeeping and organization. More importantly, I am not procrastinating and it will free up a half hour for me to enjoy on the weekend!