Tackle It Tuesday - Home Office Cleanup

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

There is something in our spare room that has been haunting me. It has been haunting me for a long, long time. Pretty much since we moved into the house last May. This thing that has haunted me is the mess we call our home office. I tried, I really did. I bought cute organizers from Pottery Barn, but it seems we just throw papers and mail into them and forget about them until it is tax or bill payment time.

I think my life would be much easier and quite a bit less stressful if this area of our home felt a bit more organized. Not to mention that if the desk organizers stayed neater, our desk would look neater, which just might inspire us to actually keep it neater, which just might flow over to the rest of the room, then the rest of the house, then........an unorganized procrastinator can dream, can't she?

This dream of cleaning up the desk in order to inspire the rest of the house will be the focus of my next few Tackle it Tuesdays until the area is manageable. Today's project involves the mail stand and letter bin. Here's a quick before photo of the mess:

I have no idea why I have been procrastinating on this little project for so long, since the entire clean up (including carrying stuff to the recycling bin and filing things in the file cabinet) took less than ten minutes. Here are some of the things I found in this pile of junk:

  • Mortgage bills, unopened, from June and July (not to worry, we have the mortgage set up on auto-pay, thank goodness!)
  • Donation receipt from Goodwill dated August 10
  • Handouts from a cooking class I took in May
  • Info from something I volunteered for in June
  • Monogram stamps from a craft project that I promised I would use again but thought I had lost
  • Lots of Bed Bath & Beyond coupons (they do take expired coupons!)
  • Coupon insert from our newspaper - they were all summer foods like popsicles, so I am pretty sure it's old

Here is the after photo:

It will be very easy to keep organized and neat if we stick to the intended uses of the organizers. The letter bin will hold The Entertainment Book (so we'll remember to use it) and important items that we refer to often that are not yet ready for the file cabinet, such as my class schedule and contractor phone numbers. The front of the mail stand holds letters to be mailed and the back holds unpaid bills. Once bills are paid they get trashed or filed.

Now we can see the top of our gorgeous antique desk! I had no idea it was an antique until I saw it in an InStyle article. Our exact desk was used in a movie and the star loved it so much she bought it for her own home! I showed David the photo and asked him about the desk, and it turns out our desk is really old and was handed down from his dad or grandfather.

I do have to say, however, that this is the only work around the house that got done today. We had a crockpot meal, which means nobody feels like emptying the dishwasher just to put in two plates and forks. I ran four and a half miles after work and was too exhausted to really clean up anything. I did all of our Christmas shopping online; the packages have arrived, but they are strewn about the living and dining rooms. Oh well, as my heroine Scarlett would say, "Tomorrow is another day!"