Let it Snow!

Snow is rare for Houston, as is any temperature below 50. Imagine my surprise when my office sent out a mass email at 5 p.m. telling us to go home and be careful driving in the snow! I have a semi-corner window office (semi-corner as in the "corner" has been divided to make two offices) and I had not noticed the snow. I had even gone out for lunch only wearing a light sweater jacket and a scarf and did not think it was very cold.

Now, in most states, even in Oklahoma where I grew up, the "snow" that was falling would not constitute as snow. But here in south Texas, we'll take whatever we can get! The very light flurries were melting before they touched my windshield. I snapped the photo of our "snow covered" patio chair in case it warms up a couple of degress and the snow melts. With any kind of luck, though, my super safe office will close for the day tomorrow - we can't have anyone driving around in this disastrous weather!