I Love My Family

I have the most thoughtful husband in the entire world! And it looks like he is influencing our puppy to be quite a gentleman, too!

We have recently given Oliver more "responsibility" since he has been fully housetrained since about 17 weeks old. Now, rather than baby-gating him in the kitchen all day, we allow him to have the kitchen, hallway and our bedroom. He is allowed to sleep on the bed and he absolutely loves it! On weekends and evenings, we often find him curled up napping or just resting on his little spot on the bed. At around 9:30 every night he heads to the bedroom and warms up the area where my feet will sleep.

He also sometimes "checks the mail" by hiding an envelope or magazine under the dining table or in the spare bedroom. Today when David got home from work he called to me from the bedroom that Ollie had checked the mail for us today. I picked up an envelope from my pillow and was absolutely surprised to find a Starbucks giftcard and a letter from Oliver.

It's the little things like this that make life with my family so sweet and wonderful!