Fitness Magazine - Pretty Darn Useless

I got a free subscription to Fitness when I bought a workout DVD earlier this year. After receiving my first three issues, I now understand why they have to give it away. I'm a major bookworm, and I love reading magazines. I actually get excited every month waiting for my subscriptions (currently Lucky, Cooking Light, and Runner's World). I stopped holding my breath for Fitness.

Each issue is pretty much just a regurgitation of the previous issues. There's an inspirational story about a B-list celebrity or a real-life person who overcame something or another to lose at least 50 pounds, a "get really skinny in 20 minutes" workout that incorporates jumping rope or running in place with some strength combos, and easy meals or grab and go snacks. The ideas would probably be really helpful to someone who is just starting out and who doesn't know any better. For example: eating a bagel for breakfast is always better than an Egg McMuffin. But the info included is really basic and doesn't promote ultra healthy habits other than the tips for people who regularly have Big Macs for lunch a few times a week. Nutritional info is rarely included for recipes and most of the recipes are way too carb-heavy for anyone serious about losing weight or getting into shape.

Since the ideas in Fitness are so common sense, I suggest buying a couple of issues of Oxygen to get started. It's pretty hardcore and the models are a bit more buff than you're probably used to seeing, but the exercises and meals included are useful, healthy and have a better balance of macronutrients. The information in Oxygen does get repeated, that's why I just suggest picking up an issue here and there.

Runner's World is really helpful for beginning runners. It has a column that is dedicated to info for those of us who have yet to complete a marathon as well as tons of training tips that you can incorporate now. Although some of their recipes and a lot of the tips are for more advanced runners, they will be useful to you in the future after you have completed a marathon or two!