An Organized Closet is a Happy Place

Out of sheer determination to not get caught up in the Black Friday madness and a little inspiration from The Hyper Homemaker, I decided to embark on some home organization projects. Our house stays pretty clean, but most of the closets (ahem, ok, all of the closets) are embarrassingly disorganized behind the pretty, antique closed doors. I am really determined to become more organized, but I do have to start small. The perfect area for this is the pantry-style cabinet next to our back door.

Behind these cute, floor-to-ceiling closet doors is a broad assortment of stuff that has piled up since we have no other place for it: laundry supplies, Oliver's food and toys, bug spray, flashlights, extra rolls of paper towels and canned goods from our last trip to Costco. I decided what type of items I wanted to devote each shelf to, removed everything from the shelves and got to organizing. It only took about twenty minutes and left me feeling a big sense of accomplishment!

The before picture is labeled to show the vast array of junk):

I ended up throwing away a bit of stuff, but not too much. I also found two bags of dog treats and a bottle of puppy shampoo. Also a pair of dog nail clippers and a dog toothbrush that have never been used (Oliver is almost two years old). It's amazing how things can get "lost" in such a small space! I was also able to move three Costco boxes of food (tomato sauce, black beans, Fuze drink) inside from the garage, which means I created quite a bit of space. The end result, although my awesome photo cropping skills managed to cut off the top shelf: