Driving & Beach & Shopping - oh my!

I apologize for not posting this sooner, since this blog is supposed to be about our travels and the things we do when we're not at work. As we do most summers, we spent a week at the beach house with David's parents earlier this month. Unfortunately, we never take pictures so I do not have any to post. David's mother is an awesome photographer who has this amazing Canon with changeable lenses, so we just leave the photo documentation to her. She usually sends us the pictures, so we will be able to update this soon with photos of us. I do have a picture I took of a cute crab!

We left after work on a Thursday. Well, we left after 7 p.m. so we were unable to drive all the way to Mobile. We stopped somewhere on the other side of New Orleans in a very small town and tried to get a decent room at a Best Western. I mean, decent for the area, you know? It was almost midnight and there was no room in the Best Western - so we hopped next door to The Supreme Inn. It was as shady as it sounds! Forty bucks a night and we had to sneak in with Oliver because they didn't allow pets. It was as gross as the name of it sounds, but fortunately I was so tired that I was able to fall right asleep. I did, however, sleep in my clothes because I didn't want any of the bed linens to touch my skin.

We got up the next morning and made it to the beach house. We stopped on Orange Beach for some shrimp po'boys, something that we only eat on these summer vacations. And man, were they good! What a way to start off a week at the beach! Our beach house was on the beach, we just had to walk across a driveway type road and out to the water.

The first morning we were there, it rained. We made good use of the time by doing some major shopping. David bought some really nice Bose headphones he had been wanting for the computer, and I bought quite a few clothes. The back to school sales were in full swing, so I got some pretty good deals! I got a corduroy blazer from J Crew that I have been wanting for this fall; a grey and black striped V-nec sweater (you know how I love sweaters! and you know how I love neutral colors!); a brown jersey wrap dress from Banana Republic that is great with sandals now and will transition nicely into fall and even winter with the addition of boots which I have yet to purchase and a sweater over or underneath the dress; some layering tops from J Crew in white and eggplant - they were on sale and I couldn't resist; an eggplant colored scarf that is probably big enough to use as a wrap, as well; and a fan-freaking-tastic long button up sweater that's going to look great for work and dates; some cute costume earrings; and a blast-from-the-past lip gloss. Does anyone remember Clinique's Black Honey? I think it was the first "real" lip product I owned, besides nude colored Cover Girl stuff. I had it in a glossy lipstick in junior high, and now I have it in a thick gloss. I think it will be great for fall, and it will help me to show off this tan.

Oliver thoroughly enjoyed the beach and learned how to swim quite well. I got worried at times, when David took him out into the ocean and threw him into the waves. He got tossed about, but body surfed pretty well back up to the shore.

The rest of our time was pretty much spent relaxing by the beach with fruity drinks and books, and enjoying the company of our family. Oh - and how could I forget the Olympics! Ann (David's sister) was slightly obsessed with the Olympics, so we watched a good few hours of them every night. I do have to admit that I really got into the spirit of cheering on Michael Phelps (how awesome is he?) and even watched an entire marathon on tv (doesn't really make sense, huh?).

Oh - we also got to open our birthday gifts from the Munns! David got some pj's and possibly other stuff that I can't recall....and I got some amazing gifts! Liz and Howard are always so thoughtful and generous with their gifts to me, and it always reminds me how blessed I am to have married such a wonderful man with a great family. She got me some table linens from Crate and Barrel that match our china. They are dark brown silk with suede accents and amber napkin rings. They are going to look great on the table accented with a wooden table runner and an arrangement of fall flowers. I got a great little stoneware basket from Williams-Sonoma. It's actually supposed to be heated in the oven to keep your baked goods warm at the table. Since I do not bake (yet) I am using it as a fruit basket. It fits perfectly into the current decor of our kitchen.

Despite the long drive to get there & the drive back, we had a great week and I cannot wait until next summer, when we will have a new neice or nephew to entertain us during our beach time!