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Rambling Friday

I posted this video to Facebook, but I don't think I ever posted here. Toward the end of my pregnancy Georgia discovered Shopkins on YouTube. We made a video when she got her first box. I think it's pretty good considering we did it all in one take! [Her part is good - I could use some practice on my videography and editing.] Anyway, it's cute!

Georgia Is Five

Five. Five. Fi-i-ive!

How did we get from a little jellybean to a five year old? Time has never passed so quickly!

Quick & Healthy High Protein Pasta Recipe

Quick & Healthy High Protein Pasta Recipe

I've been making this pasta dish, adapted from one of Giada's cookbooks I have, for a few years. This version is super healthy, high in protein and hits all four of the food groups. Grab some fruit for dessert and you won't feel guilty about the ice cream you have before bed! {Please tell me it's not just me who justifies a late night bowl of ice cream like that...}

Sunday Funday, For Real Y'all

David snapped this before church. He's been telling me something is wrong with his phone camera, now I totally believe him! But the girls still melt my heart, even when they're blurry.

Yesterday was promotion day at church which meant Georgia moved to a new classroom and got all new teachers. She was pretty thrilled to see that David and I are two of the volunteer helpers in her room! The last time I helped with kids was when I taught VBS during high school or college and.... well....it was such an experience that I haven't volunteered for it again, haha!

Janie & Jack's Fall Equestrian Line 2016

I divide my shopping into two seasons: equestrian and nautical. Since fall is staring straight at us (even though we don't wear pants until almost November here in Houston), style for the horsey set is in stores and online right now!

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