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Back to School

The Wednesday after Labor Day Georgia started back to school.

Who Ordered A Jet Ski?

A week or two after Hattie Elizabeth was born we received a postcard in the mail with a coupon code for Jet.com. The two events were completely unrelated unless you add the fact that we needed to buy a few baby supplies.

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Soccer Mom

It's official. What's next, a minivan?

Georgia & Hattie

Georgia can't wait until Hattie Elizabeth is big enough to climb out of her crib and pitter-patter to Sissy's room. Then they will go downstairs and make samwiches to eat while they chat. Then they will run back upstairs giggling and sleep in Georgia's room after I find them in the kitchen.

Rambling Friday

I posted this video to Facebook, but I don't think I ever posted here. Toward the end of my pregnancy Georgia discovered Shopkins on YouTube. We made a video when she got her first box. I think it's pretty good considering we did it all in one take! [Her part is good - I could use some practice on my videography and editing.] Anyway, it's cute!