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Sometimes I think if I glance over my shoulder I will see a crew of cameras following us around. Maybe a new show How to Drive a Pregnant Woman Insane, because if it's not one thing, it's another.

Georgia and I were both pretty sick over Mother's Day. I took her to the pediatric urgent care and they tested her for the flu and strep, both came back negative. They also tested me for strep, also negative. Chalk it up to a bad cold with sore throat and fever.

Who Does This Baby Look Like?

baby 3d 4d 30 week ultrasound houston

Isn't she beautiful? And she looks just like her Big Sissy!

Life Lately + Wednesday Wishlist

Yesterday Georgia wore her swimsuit from last year to swim lessons and she kept saying "I can't breave, I can't breave!" I told her to quit being so dramatic, but when she got undressed I could see that it was way too tight across her ribcage. Oops!

Date Night!

No silly, not me. Daddy and Georgia, of course!

What's Up Wednesday April 2016

As a testament to how completely insane things get when YOUR COMPUTER DIES - you guys get to see my What's Up Wednesday almost a week late. I'd written most of it except for the photos last week, then over the weekend kapow black screen. Since Georgia has swim lessons every day, there was absolutely no time slot at the Genius Bar I could make until this weekend. So I just dropped my computer off and picked it up yesterday. Even though I had an appointment, I still had to wait an hour past my time slot before anyone could tell me what happened. Fortunately, it was a combo of battery and charger problems, so an easy fix! I still don't love using a mac, but the free Genius Bar is nice when something goes wrong.

Anyway - here's last week's post, but basically the same things are still "up" this week. And we will hopefully be back to regularly scheduled shenanigans this week!

What We're Eating This Week
So um, maybe I've been getting soup from Panera bread too often. I pick up a cup of French Onion or Chicken and Rice a couple times a week, sometimes more. Ok, last week it was probably daily. I always order from my phone and just pick it up and bring home to eat, easy peasy.

Last week I was bummed to see a sign letting me know that my location would be closed for the month of May for upgrades. BUT look at this email I got the next morning! Sure, I'll have to drive a bit further but FREE SOUP. And the other location has a drive through, which allows for even more laziness on my part! So yeah...safe to say we will be having some Panera.

Free Panera Bread Soup for a month during renovations 2016

What I'm Reminiscing About
Spring and summer always get me in the traveling spirit. Gosh, looking back at these pictures (some were before we were married) - our days of packing up and heading out for the weekend are long gone now that we almost have a family of four.